Monday morning flowers

My husband was away fishing this week off the west coast of Vancouver Island so I had lots of stitching time. He brought me home a freezer full of salmon and halibut….yum.

I made 15 flowers this week and am rebuilding my stock before I start joining them together again. I am noticing that I have some dark fabrics in this batch, will need to look for some lighter colors to balance this out.


Linking up to Life Under Quilts 


Monday Hexie report

I am joining in with Life Under Quilts 

as part of the Monday Morning Star count. This is a great blog where quilters link to show their English Paper Piecing with stars, hexagons or other shapes.

This week I worked on joining hexagon flowers together in rows. I think I need to add one more row of colored flowers and one more row of cream flowers to the long side and then this will be the width of the quilt. I will then add a row at a time to form the length of the quilt.


I need to get back to basting and making more flowers as I have used up most of my stock of flowers.


4 Patch Posie

I bought this fabric a while ago at a thrift store. I was not in love with it , but it was $2.99 and there was at least 2 metres of fabric and some smaller pieces of the matching print so I bought it. I thought it might be good for a quilt backing.


A few weeks later I was looking at the forums on the Quilting Board and came across a 4 Patch Posie and knew I had to try it.

After cutting the fabric in four pieces, carefully stacking them so the pattern matched all the way thru, I cut them into squares and put them together to make this


and thisIMG_0576

and thisIMG_0575

I was so excited to see the results. I called my husband in to see what it looked like. He tried to be happy for me, but I could tell he was not as excited as me!

Here is the top before quilting


I just need to fix my camera and can add the finished photo tomorrow.

My Someday quilt

I call this my Someday Quilt as “someday” I hope to get it finished. I know this is a long term project and it will be worth the effort in the end.

I started making hexies in March 2013 and thought that this would be a good project to work on while outside on the patio or while on car trips. The reality has been that I have made most of these while watching TV and now feel that something is missing if I am not stitching while the TV is on.

I am alternating between colored flowers

colored hexies

And cream colored flowers

cream hexies

To make a Grandmothers Flower Garden quilt

August progress

I am planning on using the fabrics for the colored flowers only once and doing some repeats with the centers. I need 120 of each flower and so far I have made 82 colored flowers and 74 cream flowers. I am not sure but I am leaning towards handquilting …someday it will be done.