My Someday quilt

I call this my Someday Quilt as “someday” I hope to get it finished. I know this is a long term project and it will be worth the effort in the end.

I started making hexies in March 2013 and thought that this would be a good project to work on while outside on the patio or while on car trips. The reality has been that I have made most of these while watching TV and now feel that something is missing if I am not stitching while the TV is on.

I am alternating between colored flowers

colored hexies

And cream colored flowers

cream hexies

To make a Grandmothers Flower Garden quilt

August progress

I am planning on using the fabrics for the colored flowers only once and doing some repeats with the centers. I need 120 of each flower and so far I have made 82 colored flowers and 74 cream flowers. I am not sure but I am leaning towards handquilting …someday it will be done.


6 thoughts on “My Someday quilt

  1. helen beall says:

    Welcome to blogland! Hope you find blogging as addicting as hexagons. You have a beautiful beginning and a great method of combining pleasures. TV + EPP = FUN

  2. Pamela says:

    How pretty and traditional looking. How did you figure out that you needed 240 flowers for your quilt? I am working with 26 mm hexagons and have a few flowers made, but I don’t know how to figure out how many I will eventually need.
    I’m impressed with how much you’ve accomplished in a few months. It looks like “someday” won’t be that far away.

  3. I like your scientific method of measuring 😉 I think that the quilt would be gorgeous and you must be very proud¡¡¡


  4. This is beautiful! I’m using the same layout with my very (very) tiny hexagons, for a little framed wall hanging. Nice work!

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