4 Patch Posie

I bought this fabric a while ago at a thrift store. I was not in love with it , but it was $2.99 and there was at least 2 metres of fabric and some smaller pieces of the matching print so I bought it. I thought it might be good for a quilt backing.


A few weeks later I was looking at the forums on the Quilting Board and came across a 4 Patch Posie and knew I had to try it.

After cutting the fabric in four pieces, carefully stacking them so the pattern matched all the way thru, I cut them into squares and put them together to make this


and thisIMG_0576

and thisIMG_0575

I was so excited to see the results. I called my husband in to see what it looked like. He tried to be happy for me, but I could tell he was not as excited as me!

Here is the top before quilting


I just need to fix my camera and can add the finished photo tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “4 Patch Posie

  1. Awesome! I call these Stacked Posies, and they’re one of my favorite quilt designs. Florals make the most gorgeous kaleidoscopes. Beautiful work!

  2. judy5cents says:

    I liked seeing the way that the kaleidoscopes emerged… a fun quilt to make

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