Let the countdown begin!

In just 10 short days… we will be here

May 2011 053

Our room is right behind one of those lifeboats. Yes we are going back to Alaska,this will be our 3rd trip… but what can I say. We love to cruise, love Princess Cruises and you cannot beat the luxury of being able to drive to the Port of Vancouver to start and end the trip.

We are on the same ship as our last cruise to Alaska and in the SAME cabin. This is great as we liked our cabin last time and we will have no trouble finding it again… Welcome to our home away from home for a week.

May 2011 062

We are looking forward to returning to Mendenhall Glacier as seen above but hope for a sunnier day… last visit was cold and rainy. This trip we plan on going on a bus trip to the Yukon… haven’t decided if I am brave enough to walk across the Yukon Suspension bridge!

We are traveling with our good friends Ben and Kerri, this will add lots of excitement and fun to the trip.

May 2011 151

As this is one of the last Alaska cruises of the season, prices in the gift shops will be at clearance prices. We plan on shopping in Ketchikan, Clark will be looking for Christmas ornaments and shot glasses for his collection and I will be checking out the quilt shops.

On the to do list… pick up cruise documents and boarding passes, organize clothing for the trip and stock some food in the house for my son Michael…lets see , a few pizza’s and plenty of cereal should hold him…lol


Inspiration for hexagon quilt

Several people have commented that they like the layout of my “Someday” hexagon quilt.

I was inspired by this beautiful quilt by Postcards from Panama

I am making my hexagons 1 inch , the batik quilt was made with 1.5 inch hexies. I do not think I will put the border around mine.

I am not sure how I will finish the edges. I am sure I will figure it out before I get there.

Off to do some basting while watching Masterchef.


Monday morning flowers

This is the last week that Life under Quilts is hosting a Monday morning link party. I arrived late to the party so have only participated for a few weeks. I have enjoyed posting my progress and being able to see what others are working on. I am going to continue posting my progress on my blog so that I have a record of how I made this quilt. I think it will be interesting to look back when it is finally done and see where I started from.


This is my current stock of flowers. I have made more colored flowers than cream flowers in the past few weeks ,


There are about 40 center hexies here that will be going with me in two weeks on my Alaska cruise. I plan on doing some stitching while relaxing on the deck. I will be sewing these into cream flowers.


I am now at 5 rows of colored flowers by 10 rows. The 10 rows will be the width of the quilt. I am now working on sewing strips of 10 flowers to add a row at a time. Finding it a challenge to take photos as it gets bigger.

Have a great day and happy hexing.